PEI Abortion Rights Network

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About Abortion Rights Network Prince Edward Island

The PEI Abortion Rights Network (ARN) is made up of individuals and organizations working together to ensure that all women living in Prince Edward Island have access to publicly-funded, accessible, safe abortion services in their own province.

In addition, it is ARN's objective to ensure that all women in Prince Edward Island have accurate, timely and helpful information about abortion and abortion services. We focus our efforts on breaking down the barriers that Island women face in getting access to this necessary medical procedure.

In cooperation with other organizations working on behalf of Island women, ARN organizes events and campaigns to explore the social, political and economic aspects of abortion rights.

In all of its activities, ARN is guided by principles of Freedom of Choice, Equality and Inclusion.

Our Members

New members can join by contacting us through our website, or by contacting any member group.

Donating to ARN means helping women in need with travel and other related costs not covered by the government. Donations are appreciated.