PEI Abortion Rights Network

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ARN releases statement on inadequate access and aftercare for medical abortions on PEI.

ARN draws attention to the most recent example of women experiencing barriers accessing this essential health service.

2015-06-17 06:53:33

Abortion Rights Network stands in solidarity with women who experience injustice in accessing abortion services on PEI.

This is a statement to challenge and clarify some of the misinformation that is circulating about a current situation of a PEI woman who has experienced difficulty in accessing health care, specifically care after being incorrectly instructed about how to administer a prescribed medication for a medical abortion. The woman in question was directed to seek care at the QEH and was told by the attending doctor that he was uncomfortable treating her. As a result she received no care. This is utterly unacceptable and creates a very dangerous – potentially life-threatening – situation for women in PEI. This situation is the result of the status quo of abortion access on PEI, which is the refusal of government and healthcare providers to adequately protect women’s health. Abortion is a legal, safe medical procedure that is essential to women’s health. The PEI Abortion Rights Network supports this woman and the other women who have had similar experiences and we stand in solidarity with them.