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The Sovereign Uterus blog shares stories from Islanders accessing abortion

Islanders speak out on barriers to accessing abortion

2015-06-07 09:46:57

Lost blood tests, doctors refusing service, and a culture of silence that perpetuates stigma are only some of the barriers women discuss in this new, powerful blog.

Started by Becka Viau, Charlottetown's federal MP candidate for the Green Party, The Sovereign Uterus allows women to share their unique stories either anonymously or by name. Within days, tens of thousands of viewers from around the world have made this blog a powerful voice in the call for change around abortion services on PEI. To read this collection of stories that keeps growing every day, click here. Viau also started a petition calling for local abortion access and better communication around abortion services.

Interested in signing the petition? Please go to the:

--PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women,  161 St Peter's Road, Sherwood, PE. 

--Voluntary Resource Centre, 81 Prince Street, Charlottetown PE

--Papercakes Pretty, 39 Belmont St, Charlottetown PE

Or download your own copy here and return to any address listed above. 

Deadline to sign is June 14th, 2015.