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ARN celebrates PEI government response to AAN-PEI legal challenge

Abortion Rights Network pleased with promise for local abortion access

2016-04-02 19:37:44

The province announced Thursday, March 31st they would start providing local access for surgical and medication abortions in hospital by the end of 2016.

The announcement to not only provide abortion services, but comprehensive reproductive health services is applauded by ARN. ARN members are happy to see this decision made after decades of lobbying by numerous people.The follow through by the government to provide this service will be closely monitored by Abortion Rights Network members.

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There are no abortion facilities in Prince Edward Island. Women who live in PEI have to travel out of the province to access abortion services in a hospital or clinic. The Abortion Rights Network is working to ensure that women in PEI have access to safe, affordable abortion services in their own province.

Limited access to medical abortion, which is sometimes used when a woman is less than 9 weeks since her last period, is available from some physicians in PEI.

The Canada Health Act states that everyone in Canada should have access to necessary health services, including abortion. Abortion is a safe and legal service. The Province of Prince Edward Island will pay for abortions done at a hospital but not at a private clinic.